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No Jumping on the Bed! by Tedd Arnold

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Use the following questions after the second or third reading of No Jumping on the Bed! There are questions for every one or two pages of the story.

  1. What is happening in the first picture? (Walter's father is telling him not to jump on the bed anymore.)
  2. What does Walter's father say will happen if he keeps jumping on the bed? (Walter's bed will crash through the floor.)
  3. What does Walter hear as he tries to go to sleep? (He hears Delbert upstairs jumping on his bed.)
  4. What is Walter doing in these pictures? (He's jumping on the bed.)
  5. What is happening to the bed? (It is breaking the floor.)
  6. Where does Walter land first? (He lands in Miss Hattie's spaghetti and meatballs.)
  7. What is happening in this picture? (Walter and Miss Hattie are falling through the floor.)
  8. What is Mr. Matty doing when the meatball falls on his head? (He's watching monsters on TV.)
  9. What happens next? (Miss Hattie falls into Mr. Matty's lap.)
  10. Where does Walter land? (He lands in the fish tank.)
  11. What falls into Aunt Batty's apartment? (Walter, Miss Hattie, Mr. Matty, the bed, a fish, the spaghetti, the cake, the TV, and some toys fall into her apartment.)
  12. What falls out of the box in Aunt Batty's apartment? (Stamps fall out of the box.)
  13. What does Walter fall through next? (He falls into the house of blocks.)
  14. What is Mr. Hanratty getting ready to do when everyone falls into his apartment? (He is getting ready to paint a picture.)
  15. Have you ever painted a picture on an easel like the one Mr. Hanratty has? What did you paint?
  16. What is happening in this picture? (Walter, Miss Hattie, Mr. Matty, Aunt Batty, Patty and Natty, Mr. Hanratty, the cat, the paint, the spaghetti, the TV, the fish, and some toys have fallen on top of the musicians.)
  17. What is happening in this picture? (Walter is back in his own bed.)
  18. Why do you think Walter decides he won't jump on the bed any more?
  19. What is happening in this picture? (Delbert has fallen through Walter's ceiling.)


The words listed below come from the story and its pictures. As you page through the book, ask the child to name the objects listed or talk about the actions portrayed. Words are listed for every two pages of story. Ask about other objects and actions shown in the pictures as you see fit.

  • jumping, bed, space capsule, clown doll, doggy, pillow, pajamas
  • blanket, sleeping, toys
  • floor boards, breaking
  • toes, plaster, looking up, falling down, spaghetti and meatballs
  • cake, dishes, robot, airplane, flower vase, upside down
  • meatball, fish tank, TV, monster, glasses, surprised
  • unpacking, boxes, cuckoo clock, books, plant, hammer, pot
  • stamps, shoes
  • blocks, cat, mouse
  • artist, palette, paintbrush, easel, stool, paint cans, bandanna
  • spilling
  • music, conductor, baton, violin, conducting
  • sitting up, dinosaurs
  • ceiling

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Excerpted from Read Together, Talk Together, the Pearson Early Childhood research-based program that makes reading aloud even more effective!

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