Miles Reck
Teacher, Investigations User
Durham Public Schools
North Carolina
Ellen O'Rourke Knudson
Former Teacher, Independent Consultant
Miles Reck has been teaching math for 33 years. He also taught math methods for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and North Carolina Central University in Durham. For five and a half years he held a District level position with a National Science Foundation grant at the Durham Public Schools. Miles is currently teaching his "AMAZING" 4th graders at Hillandale Elementary School in Durham. Miles and his students have been using the Investigations math program for eight years. Ellen O'Rourke Knudson was a classroom teacher for 30 years before becoming the leader of staff development in mathematics at Bismarck Public Schools in North Dakota.. Two years ago, she began independent consulting, helping school districts around the country better support elementary school teachers and students in their ability to reason and think deeply about mathematics. She has been spending in-depth time in two districts within North Dakota, as well as working with districts in Cincinnati, Ohio, Chattanooga, Tennessee, and New Jersey. Ellen began working with the Investigations program in 1995.